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Greyhound Rescue South Yorkshire


Amy Adopted!

Taz Adopted!

Jeffrey Adopted!

Jemima Adopted!

Bernie Adopted!

Penny Adopted!

Tallulah Adopted!

Howard Adopted!

Emily Adopted!

Brucie Adopted!

Sheldon Adopted!

Romeo Adopted!

Spencer Adopted!

Last updated: 31st March

Greyhound Rescue South Yorkshire is run entirely by volunteers which means every single penny raised goes directly towards helping the dogs

Please Click the donate button below to help us to continue our work in finding good homes for these gorgeous, loving and deserving dogs. Every penny really does help a hound in need. Thank you.

Greyhound Rescue South Yorkshire is a non-profit organisation set up mainly to help rescue greyhounds and find them loving forever homes. We will however, endeavour to try and help any dog who is at risk of being put to sleep.

Greyhounds are all too often used and abused by the racing industry and many are put to sleep at just a year old if they won't chase or aren’t fast enough. Many others who do race will find themselves dumped when they stop winning races whether that be through age, injury or illness. The fastest dogs will be kept and bred from until they can no longer produce pups and each year over 10,000 greyhounds are unaccounted for.

Many people have the misconception that greyhounds need lots of exercise when the reality is they’re built for speed rather than stamina and are quite lazy dogs. Most are happy with two 20-minute walks a day and many will spend much of the day asleep! Another misconception is they can’t live with small furries; like any other breed there will always be some that aren’t good with small furries but some greyhounds will happily settle with cats and smaller dogs.

Greyhound Rescue South Yorkshire relies entirely on volunteers and voluntary donations to enable us to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home these gorgeous gentle creatures. Please support us in any way you can to enable us to help as many greyhounds as possible. Whether that be offering to adopt, helping financially or donating items or your time to help with fundraising and obviously by simply sharing posts and spreading the word on the work we do. Thank you.

Our dogs waiting for their forever homes

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